Rug Placement Tips: Where to Position Your Rug in the Bedroom

Ideal Spots for a Bedroom Rug

Under the Bed

rug Under the Bed

Placing a rug under the bed is a timeless choice. There’s nothing quite like the comfort of a plush rug beneath your feet as you climb into bed and when you wake up. If you have a bench at the foot of your bed, position the rug so that it accommodates all four legs of the bench. It’s perfectly fine if the rug only reaches the bottom two legs of the bed.


For a queen-sized bed, a rug that extends 18 to 24 inches beyond the sides of the bed works well. Typically, a five-by-eight-foot or a six-by-nine-foot rug fits nicely. If your chosen rug is too small, consider layering it over a larger, neutral-toned rug. Alternatively, you can use a larger rug that extends under all four legs of your bedside tables for a cohesive look.

Foot of the Bed

Rug Placement under the foot of bed

Another great rug placement is at the foot of your bed, especially under a bench. A small runner works perfectly here, and a four-by-two-foot runner is an excellent choice. Ensure it’s wide enough to accommodate the entire bench.

Sides of the Bed

sides of the bed Rug Placement

The sides of your bed are ideal for long, narrow rugs like a sheepskin or a vintage Persian runner. You can place a rug on the side where you usually get in and out of bed, or have one on each side for symmetry.

Most runners are two to three feet wide, which fits well in most bedrooms. For length, choose a runner that almost matches the length of your bed, typically around five to six feet long.

Under Your Dresser

run under Dresser

Placing a small rug under a stand-alone dresser can create a beautiful focal point, especially if you have wood floors that clash with the dresser’s wood tones. Select a rug large enough to fit the entire dresser, with the exact size depending on your dresser’s dimensions. Alternatively, a smaller rug that leaves two to three inches of floor space around the dresser can also work well.

Near Entrances and Exits

Rug Placement near entrances

Consider the pathways you frequently use when deciding on runner placement. For instance, if you have a primary bath suite in your bedroom, position a runner vertically leading into the bathroom.

The ideal runner size will depend on your bedroom’s layout, but it’s generally better to choose a slightly longer runner rather than one that’s too short.

Under a Seating Area

rug placed in a living room with a leather sofa and chairs

If your bedroom includes a seating area, enhance its luxury by placing a rug underneath. This can create a cozy “room-within-a-room” effect. You have two options: use a separate area rug for just the seating area or choose an oversized rug that encompasses both the seating area and the bed. If you go for a large rug, make sure it stays at least a foot away from the baseboards to avoid overwhelming the room.

General Tips for Rug Placement in the Bedroom

Area rugs are excellent for anchoring your bedroom furniture. Aim to have at least two legs of each furniture piece on the rug, with about a foot and a half of space around it. This generally indicates you’ve chosen an appropriate size.

However, feel free to break these rules intentionally to create a room that reflects your personal style. Remember, a bedroom can still feel complete without a rug, especially if you’re aiming for a minimalist look.

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