Marble vs Wood Dining Table – Which One is Better

Are your dilemma about choosing marble or wood for your dining table? Both marble and wood are durable materials that can bring an elegant look to any dining room. Marble is usually heavier and more expensive than wooden tables, but it has a timeless style that will always go in fashion. On the other hand, wooden tables come in various styles and finishes that can be tailored to suit any decor. So which one should you choose? In this article, we’ll compare marble vs. wood dining tables so you can make an informed decision when selecting a suitable material for your home.

Marble vs Wood Dining Table Which One is Better

Marble Dining table

Marble dining tables provide the perfect centerpiece for your dinner party. It instantly adds a sense of luxury and sophistication to any home with its marble top that lends to stylish design and durability. Marble is a naturally occurring material that makes every table unique in its own way, thus giving you something extraordinary. Its smooth, cool surface provides an excellent cutlery setting, making it ideal for entertaining guests and celebrating special occasions. Marble dining tables are easy to maintain and clean, making them a highly sought-after choice for many homeowners looking to impress their friends and family. Why not try one today?

Marble Dining table


  • Timeless and luxurious design
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • The uniqueness of each table
  • Durable material that is resistant to wear and tear


  • Heavyweight material that is difficult to move and transport
  • Expensive compared to wooden tables
  • It can be prone to scratches and staining if not maintained properly.

Wooden Dining Table

Wooden dining tables offer a traditional look with a sense of warmth and comfort. They provide a versatile option for any dining setting, from rustic to modern, as they can easily be tailored to suit your specific tastes. Wooden tables also offer a more affordable price point when compared to marble tables without sacrificing quality or design. Plus, wooden tables are available in different finishes and styles that can match any room decor, making them an excellent choice for any home.

Wooden Dining table 1


  • More affordable than marble tables
  • Versatile and can fit different room decor styles.
  • Lightweight and easy to move around or transport
  • Available in various finishes and styles
  • Can withstand wear and tear for an extended period of time


  • Prone to scratches and dents if not correctly taken care of
  • It may require additional maintenance over time to keep its look intact.
  • More durable than marble tables and may need replacement sooner than expected.

Comparison between Marble vs Wood Dining Table

Above, we give you complete details about both types of dining room tables and their pros and cons, making it easier for you to grab the best table. Now, if you have more time, read the complete comparison below. Let’s start a comparison.

Weight Difference

The weight difference between a marble and wood dining table is very pronounced. A marble dining table can easily weigh as much as 100-160 pounds, while a wooden dining table generally weighs around 30-50 pounds. This difference in weight makes it difficult to move the marble dining table, thus making it impractical for families who often move furniture around their homes. Furthermore, the heavier weight of marble tables can cause damage to the floor if it is not placed on a non-skid surface.

Cost Difference

The cost difference between marble and wooden dining tables is also quite significant. Marble dining tables are typically more expensive than their wooden counterparts due to the high quality of material used and the unique look each piece has. On the other hand, wooden dining tables are generally more affordable and can last many years if properly cared for.

Style Difference

There really is little comparison regarding the style difference between marble and wooden dining tables. Marble dining tables come in various colors and styles, while wooden dining tables usually come in a single color and style. This can be beneficial to those looking for something specific in their dining room, but it also limits the design options available compared to marble tables. Marble dining tables provide you shiny design as compared to wooden tables.

Style Difference

Durability Difference

Regarding durability, there is no comparison between marble and wooden dining tables. Marble is a naturally occurring material resistant to scratches, stains, and general wear and tear. On the other hand, wooden dining tables can quickly become scratched or dented if not taken care of properly. Furthermore, marble is more heat resistant than wooden dining tables, making them a better choice for homes with hot meals served regularly.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance of wooden and marble dining tables is an essential factor to consider. Wooden dining tables require regular cleaning to keep them looking good, while marble tables only need the occasional wipe-down with a damp cloth. Any damages must be repaired for both types of tables to maintain their appearance.


Regarding customizability, marble dining tables have a wide range of options available. From colors and finishes to different shapes and styles, there is something for everyone regarding marble dining tables. On the other hand, wooden dining tables are usually limited in their customization options due to the nature of the material, which can limit the design possibilities.



In terms of longevity, marble dining tables are the clear winner. Marble is one of the most durable materials available, making it an excellent choice for those who have wanted to enjoy their furniture for many years. Wooden dining tables may require additional maintenance over time to keep their look intact and usually need replacing sooner than expected due to regular wear and tear.


Regarding versatility, marble dining tables are the better option for most homes. They are a bit easier to dress up or down depending on the occasion, making them perfect for formal and casual events. Wooden dining tables may also look great in specific settings, but they usually require more effort to make them look the way that you want.

Other materials in the Table

The other types of table material are as follows:

  • Hardwood: Hardwood is the most resilient type of material. It is naturally strong and durable and can last for a lifetime if cared for properly. This is ideal for larger tables, as it can hold much weight.
  • Metal: Metal is excellent for smaller or lighter furniture like end tables and side tables. It’s also perfect for outdoor use due to its weather-resistant properties. Additionally, metal makes an aesthetically pleasing statement with its sleek lines and shiny surfaces.
  • Glass: Glass is perfect for contemporary settings. It can give a room an airy and open feel. Additionally, glass is easy to clean and won’t fade or discolor over time.
  • Laminate: Laminate is an excellent choice for budget-conscious shoppers who want the look of wood without the price tag. It’s durable and easy to maintain, making it a popular choice for busy households.

No matter what type of material you choose, you can be sure that your table will stand the test of time. From hardwood to metal, glass to laminate, there’s something for everyone in the Table collection! Choose the perfect table for your home today.

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In conclusion, marble and wooden dining tables have unique advantages and disadvantages. While wooden dining tables are generally more affordable, they may require regular maintenance to remain in good condition over time. Marble dining tables offer a beautiful and long-lasting option that can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Regardless of your type of table, just know that both have unique benefits and drawbacks.


Is marble a good idea for dining tables?

Yes, marble makes an excellent choice for a dining table! It is a soft stone that works in many different homes and styles of decor. Natural stones bring unique attributes to any room, and marble provides an elegance that can’t be matched with other materials. If you’re looking for a timelessly stylish contribution to your home, you’ll want to look no further than a marble slab as the centerpiece of your dining room. Not only is it exquisite yet understated, but it’s also easy to keep clean–a convenience for people who enjoy dining together.

What is the most durable material for a dining table?

Solid wood is the best material to choose from if you’re looking for a reliable and robust table to last through regular family meals and lively dinner parties. Wood tables are sturdy and hold up well to spills and scratches, which is essential in a dining room with a lot of activity. The solid wood table can be a mainstay in your home for many years with the proper protective sealant or varnish. A solid wood dining room table is worth the investment in quality and durability.

Is marble table hard to maintain?

While a marble table may be a little harder to take care of than a wooden table, the unparalleled sophistication and timeless beauty that marble tables provide far, outweigh the effort for maintenance. The key to keeping your marble table looking as beautiful and elegant as it did when you bought it is prevention, using sealants, and cleaning products designed for use on marble surfaces. Little effort will go a long way in maintaining the stone’s structure and shine from day one!

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