12 Trending Interior Design Themes

Are you passionate about interior design but feeling a bit lost on where to begin with sprucing up your space?

Check out these 14 trendy interior design themes! They not only give you a sense of what’s hot right now, but they’ll also help you figure out which styles resonate with you the most, and where you can find more inspiration.

Sure, we could toss around terms like bohemian, contemporary, industrial, mid-century modern, rustic, and Scandi all day long, but if you can’t picture what they look like, it’s tough to know where to start.

So, we’ve kicked off a visual conversation to treat your eyes. Now, we’re curious: which interior design styles are you vibing with?

Art Deco Delight

Art Deco Delight

If you’re drawn to the bold, extravagant vibes of the 1920s Great Gatsby era but prefer interior design over fashion, then Art Deco might just be your thing.

Picture this: geometric shapes, striking patterns, shiny chrome or brass accents, sleek wooden furniture, lots of glass and mirrors, and sultry layered lighting. It’s all about making a statement, blending boldness with artistic flair and a hint of exoticism. Originating from Paris back in 1925, Art Deco is a captivating mix of drama and sophistication.

For more tips on Art Deco interior design, check out HouseBeautiful.

Bohemian Beauty

Bohemian Beauty

If you’re all about that laid-back, free-spirited vibe, then Boho interior design is right up your alley. It’s intentionally eclectic, with influences from around the world, filled with travel souvenirs and thrift treasures that bring a cozy warmth to any space.

Think mixing and matching textures and materials, from natural fabrics to metallic accents, and embracing rich hues like warm reds and purples. And don’t forget the layers—pile on those pillows, rugs, and blankets for added comfort and style. For an extra touch of whimsy, throw in some beaded embellishments, tassels, and crochet curtains to capture that Boho aesthetic.

Classical Reflections

Classical Reflections

Classicism originated in Europe during the 17th to 19th centuries, drawing inspiration from the impressionist art, music, literature, and architecture of that era.

Fast forward to today, and those who appreciate tradition and elegance often find themselves gravitating towards classic design. Symmetry, sophistication, simplicity, and timeless appeal are its hallmarks. Picture gilded frames, luxurious drapery, and intricate woodwork, create plush and formal settings that exude a sense of reliability and refinement.

Contemporary Cheer

Trending Interior Design Themes

There’s often a mix-up between contemporary and modern interior design themes, but here’s the deal: “modern” refers to a specific era, usually the early to mid-20th century, while “contemporary” is all about what’s happening right now, in the present.

Contemporary design is perfect for those who enjoy staying on top of current trends and embracing the latest styles. Currently, in the world of contemporary art and design, we’re all about the clean, crisp look of whites, greys, and blondes, with occasional pops of color to add excitement and flair.

Hollywood Glam

Interior Design Themes

This is the home interior style for those who love to make a statement. Hollywood glam is the epitome of luxury with opulent furnishings and over-the-top accents like velvets, metallics, and rich color palettes that include reds, purples, and blues.

Incorporate a red carpet into any room, sequinned cushions lampshades, and lights around your bathroom mirror to make the most of this interior design theme.

Industrial Edge

 Design Themes

Despite its modern and edgy appearance, industrial design embraces a rustic and practical aesthetic. It celebrates the raw beauty of materials like exposed steel, timber, and brick to craft spaces filled with character.

Drawing inspiration from the quality design of the early 20th century, industrial interior themes capture a unique blend of ruggedness and charm. With its unisex appeal, industrial design is well-suited for larger spaces, whether it’s at home or in the office.

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern design is often praised for its practicality, but there’s more depth to it than just functionality. While it may not be overly ornate, it exudes a distinctive character, drawing inspiration from the nostalgic vibes of the 1950s and 60s.

With its clean lines and minimalist approach, mid-century modern design strikes a balance between simplicity and retro charm, adding a touch of fun with vintage styling.

Minimalist Musings

Minimalist Musings

Bachelor pads often opt for minimalist design, not only because it’s easy to maintain but also because it embodies a sense of pride in the home. Defined by its clean lines, simple furnishings, and neutral color schemes, minimalist design offers a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic.

But don’t mistake minimalism for a lack of style. On the contrary, it’s all about carefully selecting art and decor to showcase creativity while avoiding excessive clutter and flamboyant extravagance. In this approach, less truly becomes more, creating a space that exudes refinement and taste.

Nautical Escape

Nautical Escape

Drawing inspiration from the vast blue ocean, nautical themes in interior design are a common sight in beach houses, seaside apartments, and coastal eateries, setting the stage for adventure and relaxation alike.

Characterized by rustic furniture, maritime motifs, abundant blue hues, and plenty of boating decor, the nautical theme creates a laid-back atmosphere in which everyone can unwind. Whether you’re by the shore or just want to bring a bit of coastal charm into your space, nautical design is your go-to chill zone.

Oriental Mindset

Oriental Mindset

Asian-style interiors often blend various influences, with Japanese and Chinese aesthetics being prominent in popular interior design themes.

Japanese design leans towards minimalism, evoking a sense of Zen. Colors inspired by nature dominate the palette, creating a serene atmosphere.

On the other hand, Chinese design tends to be more lavish and opulent, featuring rich colors such as gold, red, jade, and purple. This style exudes luxury and grandeur, incorporating intricate details and ornate elements.

Rustic Meandering

Rustic Meandering

Get ready to enjoy the great outdoors without stepping foot outside your home!

The rustic design embraces the idea of bringing nature indoors, minus the pesky bugs and unpredictable weather. Picture raw, reclaimed timbers, exposed beams, and unfinished stones, reminiscent of the cozy atmosphere found in many trendy cafes and restaurants today. And the best part? You can easily recreate this inviting interior design style in your own home.

Scandinavian Flavor

Scandinavian Flavour

Influenced by the minimalist lifestyle of Nordic countries, Scandinavian design has evolved into its unique art form. It seamlessly blends style and innovation with functionality and simplicity at its core.

Scandinavian interiors are characterized by white and blonde color schemes, creating a clean and airy atmosphere. Elements from nature, like furs, leathers, and natural fibers, are often incorporated to add warmth and texture to the space.

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